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ED News Pony by Lyricjam
ED News Pony
So I heard Equestria Daily is considering to make an OC for the website. I think they should make different OCs for different sections of the site. This one is my version of the News section of ED. I'm sure it wont be the best fit knowing all talent in the fandom, but I wanted give it a try anyway.
Commission: Meeting Spitfire by Lyricjam
Commission: Meeting Spitfire
Not everyone can say they actually met Spitfire without a taking a picture Wink/Razz 
If you are interested for a commission you can contact me through PM. I am a dummy! 
PS: The background was inspired by Karzahnii
Hi, I want to know if someone has any ideas to help me fix my Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen Tablet I'd apecriate it very much.
I recently used it to draw a simple cartoon, and one hour later when I tried to use it again it stopped working completely. The cursor doesn't move at all. And if I tighten the USB cable to my tablet (more than usual) the cursor moves randomly & extremely fast (almost invisible) when I get the pen near it.
This is what I tried.
1) Connected and reconnected the tablet
2) Cleaned the tablet's surface and removed the nib to clean it too.
3) Rebooted drivers using "services"
4) Uninstalled and installed drivers again (and rebooted my pc).

I have searched some forums for hours and I think it might be the USB port of the tablet, although the tablet's light is solid blue and my computer detects it. (By the way today I accidentally dropped the tablet to the floor twice... but it was still working fine after that and I even finished the cartoon I was drawing).


Lyricjam's Profile Picture
Blurry Thoughts
I actually hate self pictures but I wanted to show my real face for once, so better make it worth XD
Nah just joking Im just faceless.
Well I recently made some expenses on the last steam sale (of which I clearly don't regret nothing).
And thanks to that I will be doing commissions, only pony related and PG rated (meaning no r34, gore neither suggestive).

So if you are interested the price is $5 (dollars) for a character and you will get!
• Colors
• Cell Shading
• Simple Backgound (also colored & cell shaded)


(+1.5$ for extra characters)

Once the comission is done I will send a mail with a sample of the commision and  the :iconpaypalplz: account to complete the transaction.

And because I'm slow at drawing, there will be only 1 slot open at the time as you can see here :iconrequestsopen: 

To chat, you can contact me through "notes" or my facebook account

(I reserve the right to accept or reject a commision.)

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